Tutor: Emma Luke

The study of Aesthetics goes back to Classicism and beyond with notions and ideals of ‘beauty’ remaining important till Modernism. The Post-modernist era explodes notions of universal beauty and axiomatic ideals ushering in subjective and diverse views. At the same time contemporary society turns into Brand Society and understanding niche markets wants and desires drives the commercial design world. Understanding Visual Language- it’s power and how to play with it as a designer remains as important as ever. Beauty and Desire are central to the churning cogs of mass production and capitalism.

How have notions and ideals of Beauty changed over time? What is the study of Semiotics and Semantics and how does it relate to design? How can the reading of visual language as designers give us important skills in the constructing and deconstructing of the objects and society that surrounds us? This course uses a variety of texts and sources to deconstruct the meanings humans place on the built world, objects, artefacts and the environment.

Students will develop their own critical and creative response to the semesters reading and writing tasks in their final project. These tasks such as research techniques, annotated bibliographies and essay writing will help students with developing rigorous projects throughout the rest of their studies.