Welcome to the Design Studios of the RMIT University Bachelor of Industrial Design (Honours) program and double degrees with Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering and Sustainable Systems Engineering.

The Design Studios commence in year two of the four-year Bachelor Honours program. Students select and undertake one Design Studio each semester.

The Industrial Design Studios provide an opportunity for you to develop the capability to undertake design activity from a variety of different perspectives and in a variety of different contexts.

Curatorial Team

The following staff of the RMIT University Bachelor of Industrial Design (Honours) program coordinate the four separate course offerings within the Upper Pool Studios:

Material Design Studio: Dr Judith Glover

Speculative Design Studio: Simon Curlis

Social Design Studio: Dr Juan Sanin

Digital Design Studio: Andrew Louey


Prior to 2020, the curatorial team was as follows:

Critical and Creative Concerns: Judith Glover

Design in Industry: Ronnie Lacham

Design in the Research Context: Liam Fennessy

Digital Practice for Industrial Design: Scott Mayson