Tutor: Rob Eales

Friday 1:30 – 4:30

As designers, we are expected to work rationally and reasonably. However, there are other ways to design and by shifting our viewpoint and considering the absurd, the ridiculous and the silly we can develop alternative ways of designing and other ideas about the practice and roles of designers.
During the course, we’ll look at absurdity in:

  • Day-to-day life
  • The design industry (e.g. absurd designs and services being created e.g. A service that delivers a new toothbrush head to your mailbox every three months)
  • The practice of being an industrial designer
  • Your practice as an industrial designer.

We’ll use methods, tools and workshops to help you to start to see and recognise these absurdities and then develop ideas and concepts that have absurd roots.
We use design methods to conceptualise and document future design practices in order to understand them and then work on plans to get there.