Studio Tutors: Ronnie Lacham & Tate Anson

Studio Timetable: Tuesday 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm & Tuesday  6:30 pm – 9:30 pm

George Perec Species of Spaces and other Pieces attempt to deal with the ‘stage’ in the conventional concepts of apartment space, trying to imagine fascinating alternatives in their strangeness to the familiar division of a bedroom, a nursery, a living room, etc. Distributions based not on circadian rhythms, but on weekly arrangements. On an apartment in which a room that is absolutely useless – not a multi-functional space but a functional one – is a space that leads to the conclusion that the language can not describe the nothingness, the emptiness.

This studio explores possible relations between objects (furniture) and space. Students are required to investigate how domestic objects and space can affect our everyday life. This studio asking how can objects and space function as catalysts in the formation of innovative living spaces. Each student will conduct in-depth a research into the every day, with the intention of locating its currency for contemporary spatial practice. Does furniture define space or is it the extension of space? Initial design exercises consisted of the construction and documentation of the everyday life using a variety of media. Particular attention was paid to the narrative, material selections, composition, observation, and the synthesis between objects and space blurs the boundaries between reality and illusion. Furniture becomes space and space become furniture.