Strange World Electric Motorcycle

Image & Design: Strange World Electric Motorcycle by Alistair McInnes, 2015

Studio Leaders: Simon Curlis & Alistair McInnes.

What happens when Silicon Valley takes over from Detroit as a leading influence in transport design?

The rise of Tesla is an interesting shift from the dominance of Detroit only a century earlier. A perfect storm of intellectual and financial capital has demonstrated for us the potential of disruptive businesses and new ways of thinking. The Evolution of this is Industry 4.0, where vehicles and devices become one and the same and are infinitely connectable. Where cloud-based data leads to collective artificial intelligence and new services and products become possible. The software is cloud-based and capitalises on a long tradition of engineering and mathematical modelling to make seemingly infinite calculations rapidly and visualise them for designers in short minutes. Digital simulation and visualisation is a laptop away and can be manipulated by an individual or collective simultaneously. Advanced Manufacturing then allows us to physically interact with a working prototype in a fraction of the time compared with a decade ago. In this infinitely creative sandbox, anything is possible.

A prototyped concept Vehicle capture eyeballs, enrage traditionalists and provoke new ‘souls’ to be invented and invested in the vehicles with which we engage.
The huff and puff of steam trains resembled the respiration of bovine and equine power. Large petrol engines accompanied by elegant styling and branding of vehicles brought us to revere metaphors of big cats and their subsonic abdominal penetrating roar. The electric engine performance can be astounding, yet our animal instincts and emotions fail to gain purchase within their intellectual and clinical elegance.

In this environment, a concept motorcycle can demonstrate the way forward for disciples to lost fossil fueled Gods. A concept motorcycle can become a ‘Phoenix’ for a city like Melbourne in the twilight of its vehicle production. A motorcycle can engage with the collection of industries that fed car production assembly lines and assist hypnotically enamoured users to find new metaphors that present a sustainable future for mobility. For users, a concept vehicle can recapture imagination and demonstrate new forms of craftsmanship and personalisation in an emerging era of mass customisation.

Within this studio you will engage with themes of Industry 4.0, to design develop and detail a concept motorcycle. Through collaboration and teamwork, we will bring bold visions to ridable realisation and dare our city and globe to consider a future of sustainability, techno-craftsmanship and new forms of two wheeled transport.

This studio is for bold visionaries, who seek capacity development through immersion into the intellectual themes. You will be expected to demonstrate engagement in industry required skills, including visualisation, CAD and prototyping. The project will involve individual efforts and group collaboration.

This studio is an industry based project collaborating with the Car Design Research Network (CDRN), it is the fifth in a series of industry projects to be conducted in this way. The Studio will be conducted a consultancy based model with iterative staged design development including concurrent style visualisation, digital development and prototyping.

o2Pursuit Dean Benstead 1k

O2 Pursuit By Dean Benstead 2010