Tutors: Kate Archdeacon & Juliette Anich

This studio uses a design research process to explore small-scale design interventions in the Melbourne landscape working towards building urban resilience, focusing on the culture of growing food. The rise of design engagement in urban agriculture has seen a wide range of visualisations and experimental test projects emerge in universities around the world.
The potential for industrial design to contribute to urban agriculture is under-developed, with projects confined largely to varying configurations of prototypes of container gardens. This studio integrates research and design prototyping to explore how industrial designers engage with urban agriculture in ways that enhance urban social and ecological systems. Systems and service design approaches, contextual mapping, integrating systems, community engagement and agile prototyping are all useful design methods in urban agriculture that are transferable to future projects. We will identify opportunities to intervene in real-world contexts and respond through design outcomes, reporting on the project through documentation to the wider research community. The studio will follow an independent research design process useful in developing Honours and Masters by Research projects. This includes a literature review, developing project frameworks, choosing fieldwork methodology, meeting ethical research standards, documenting the research, and developing and communicating the conclusion.