Salvos Mindmap 1K

Studio Partners: Salvos and Australia Post

Studio Timetable: Tuesday 9:30 am – 12:30 pm & Thursday 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

This design studio aims to expose students to the challenges of engaging in a real service design project through a collaboration among the key main stakeholders: SALVOS Stores, Australia Post and Industrial Design RMIT. Through this partnership, a main objective of the studio involves the creation of user scenarios/systems that close the gap between current buying and donating practices (SALVOS) by facilitating the donation system through capitalising on existing networks and infrastructure (Australia Post). You will be guided through a service design process that will allow you to effectively integrate aspects of desirability/usability (Design), viability (Business), and feasibility (Technology).

During this design studio, you will work alongside a team of experienced practitioners from both partner organisations as well as will conduct site visits to gather key insights and validate your ideas along the way. You will be required to take a very proactive approach to designing that leads you to framing interesting design propositions considering both the potential users’ as well as the organisations’ needs facilitate volume of high-value donations (online and offline), within a complex logistics’ and distribution system.

The studio will involve gathering real-time insights, consideration of needs by all stakeholders in the current system to then construct, refine, move towards the development and roll-out of innovative service concepts to capture shared values within the donation system.