Tim Collins completed his studies in Industrial Design at RMIT, including a semester at London’s prestigious Ravensbourne College. His work in varying areas of design from furniture to product, industrial, installations and interior design has allowed him to consider new possibilities in experimental design. He is guided by the notion of morphing familiar objects into exciting and practical design innovations. Collins has exhibited at esteemed events both nationally and internationally. A highlight of his career was designing and project managing the torch and cauldron for the 2006 Deaflympics in Australia. Another notable project was designing and project managing a giant soccer ball for the 2010 World Cup which doubled as a mini apartment where a competition winner got the chance to live in it for the duration of that tournament. Established in 2005 CLOUD studio is also run by Collins. In recent year’s Tim’s furniture, jewellery and toy projects have garnered great attention. Drawing on wit, humour and sustainability concerns that are integral to our daily lives Tim’s products are made in Australia in association with a select group of craftspeople and manufacturers.[/fusion_text]