Frank Feltham

& Scott Mitchell for 3 workshops (12hrs)

The body remains to some degree an elusive entity in our understandings of human cognition and our evolving relations with technology. With the advent of mobile and wearable sensor technologies, the body is brought to the fore as the essential and defining site of interaction and experience. Devices hosted by and around the body, or distributed in the environment, are able to read, measure, track and provide feedback on our location, proximity, gestures, movement patterns, pulse, breathing, emotionalstate, gaze and so on. What and how we carry or wear and how we move through space in our daily interactions have distinct influences on our experiences of the world around us and of course, our agency to act in our everyday lives.There is a growing interest in actively working with the body in the design of interactive technologies. Design researchers are exploring the active engagement of the body and its capacity for sensing,feeling and intuiting in the process of design. This includes the experience of one’s own body as a source of knowledge, inspiration and judgement, and the exploiting of tacit knowledge embedded inembodied skills. This design studio will use the creative potential of the body for design exploration, idea generation, and initial prototype development through a selection of workshops and project based activities to enhance the student learning experience in this exciting new design domain.