Lecturers: Scott Mayson & Scott Mitchell

The Dr Scott’s SuperStrusion Fun Time Studio Good Times.
Participants in the SuperStrusion studio will develop and build unique extruder heads for use in a 3D printer. These print heads will not extrude plastic, instead they will enable interesting soft materials to be extruded even eaten! Your design will be based on extensive material research and testing that develops detailed knowledge of material properties and methods of manipulation.
Working with these imaginative extruders and a 3D printer test platform, you will experiment with digital and physical forms to develop a deep understanding of the printer’s capacity to build innovative objects. Hence, you will use this research to support unique design opportunities and manufacturable outcomes.
Materials that may be used in print head development include (but are not limited to) clay/slip, plasticine, wax, chocolate, ice-cream, expanding foam, cookie dough etc.
From week 6 onwards SuperStrusion will be located within the London Museum “Future Now” exhibition at the Design Hub’s main gallery. This public exposure will allow you to gain experience in the public presentation of your design research and situates your work within a network of similar practices.