Youssef Tayeb & Jim Lavranos

The Studio is an RMIT Industrial Design industry project in conjunction with Shell Works a prosthetic product innovation company formed by Youssef Tayeb (Industrial Designer) and Jim Lavranos (Prosthetist/Orthotist)

The project’s primary focus is the design and development of a fixation system and a detachable and modifiable ‘shell’ or casing for prosthetic devices. The system will need to be adapted to an existing prosthesis and its industry-standard socket, modular components and settings.

The project will utilise Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing to form the basis of the fabrication process for a durable, customisable, detachable and interchangeable prosthetic casing. The casing will encompass the role of ‘blank’ that can be manipulated as required both through computer aided design when digital and manually when a physical structure.

The secondary aim is to create an adaptable and malleable fabrication system which would outline a process of interaction between a third-party commercial venture to collaborate with health and medical service providers. The efficiency and efficacy of interaction is critical to the provision of prosthetic ‘shells’ to clients within the parameters of standard clinical and technical specifications and practices.

The collaborative development of a framework around which all designed components conform, will allow for interchangeability and customisation on an individual cases-by-case basis.