Studio Leaders: Dr Soumitri Varadarajan & Dr Juliette Anich

The leading cause of death is birth, and since we have all been born, we will all die. Despite death’s certainty and a rapidly ageing population, Australian society struggles with accepting the final gesture of dying.

Moving against the mainstream tide of the pursuit for eternal youth and the techno-happy medical approach of keeping people living at all costs, this design studio explores the practical, social, cultural and existential elements of death. The aim of this studio is to propose new ways of dying.

During this course, you will be immersed into the complex arguments around death and dying in Australia, through readings and podcasts. You will explore the cultural limitations of the current social frameworks through in class debates and diary keeping. You will participate in a week-long intensive workshop and be inspired by external contributors working in this space. Finally, you will actively demonstrate a design solution through a campaign launch at the end of the semester.