Dr Scott Mayson

Dr Scott Mayson is a Senior Lecturer in Industrial Design at RMIT University. Scott has research interests in Additive Manufacturing [3d printing], Inclusive Design and Digital Design pedagogies in learning and teaching. He received his PhD in 2006 where he developed an inclusive designed method that both externally and internally locates damaged anterior cruciate ligaments (ACL) in the human knee for orthopedic repair. This APA funded practice based PhD research was undertaken with several industry partners with significant funding from Smith & Nephew 60K.

Scott’s design practice is focused through broad areas of inclusive design and additive manufacturing. He is interested in people-centred thinking and open source manufacturing in design, with practice based design skills in: generative design, parametric design, additive and reductive manufacturing and electronics in traditional and open source fields.

Practice research projects include:

  • RMIT Vietnam Ceremonial mace designed in collaboration with Dr Roland Snooks
  • RMIT Mace: Ceremonial mace designed in collaboration with Dr Roland Snooks
  • Google glass feeding: (modified field of view for real time breastfeeding feedback) In collaboration with Small World and Australian Breastfeeding Association.
  • Variable Glass: Interactive toolkit for inclusively designed grasshopper models with infinite output.
  • An Ear on the traffic: Creative work exploring the difference of cyclists with and without earphones while riding.in collaboration with Simon Vincett at Bicycle Network Australia.
  • Happy feet: (infant foot scanning for medical identification) in collaboration with project leaders Dr Stephen Davis and Prof Kathy Horadam
  • Government work: (flexibly optimised products for defence and commercial use) in collaboration with Dr Martin Leary SAMME RMIT
  • Low Cost Flexi-thetic: (parametrically defined low cost used centred prosthetics for developing nations).


In these areas I am a member of Centre for Additive Manufacturing RMIT, Architecture Robotics LAB RMIT and conference chair Include, Helen Hamlyn Centre of Design RCA.


Current Studio: Studio Roboto

Past Studios
Food Terroir 2 | Food Terroir | Cycle Futures LabSuperStrusion | Addi-facture | White Light