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Ben Landau + Lucile Sciallano

The widespread adoption of rapid prototyping and 3d printing has completely connected 3d digital design to manufacturing. Meanwhile, in a backlash against mass-produced objects, the aesthetic of handmade objects have become increasingly desirable. As designers, we need to conceive not only new objects, but also new ways of making them.
In this studio, students will research alternative production methods through a DIY lens, initially remaking existing designer’s machines (Klaas Kuikens, David Derken) and moving on to create their own machine which in turn produces an object. The machine may partially utilise open source designs or hacked machines, but must largely be unique and marks are allocated for originality (all open source designs must be acknowledged). Materials research is also a key to the process.

Students will invent new tools, develop new materials, and build their own machines to make unique objects. The semester will be structured to start in research and experimentation and aim towards a finished machine/product. Initial minor projects will encompass homemade versions of large scale manufacturing techniques; disassembling complex machines; hacking existing processes, and material research. Students begin working alone and then move to groups for the major project. The semester will also include tutorials and lectures on black boxing in design, open source publishing, prototyping, home workshops, materials exploration, working in teams, documentation, production as performance, sourcing and budgeting projects.

Since graduating from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2013, Lucile Sciallano and Ben Landau have worked in tandem on various issues in different mediums, including building a 3D printer which prints with porcelain. They explore current and future issues and translate them into experiences, installations and objects.