Co- Studio with COMM2747 – Digital Media Studio 3

Tuesday: 9.30 -12.30 | 9.03.010
Friday: 3.30 – 6.30 | 9.03.010

Lecturers: Michael Efford & Li Ping Thong

The City of Melbourne has committed to going car free inside its CBD. Although this is a boom for air pollution and pedestrians, it raises questions around how the world’s most liveable city can design a CBD to be accessible to everyone. This studio will explore how Melbourne can accommodate people from all walks of life including elderly, disabled, technophobes and other minority groups can continue to access the city and enjoy its amenities. Using a human centred and systems design approach, this studio will explore ownership vs rental systems, public and commercial service opportunities, IoT interventions and community building strategies in order to increase traceability, accountability, safety and efficient movement around the CBD.

This studio is a multidisciplinary studio which will be run as a collaboration with 10 Digital Media and 10 Industrial Design Students.