Mick has a background in creative practice across design, art, performance and social engagement, alongside his work in design education.

His Design Studio teaching is in areas of design activism, critical and speculative design, social and sustainable design, sustainable mobility and performance design. He encourages design project propositions to act as agents of change.  Studio teaching projects often take the form of product service systems, social innovation enterprises, campaign designs, future scenario designs, blueprints for services, tactics of social action and new forms of embodied aesthetic experience. Such projects seek to provoke new values for products, services, systems, social networks, ways of living, and human relationships to resources, environments and technologies.

Mick teaches co-design and participatory design methods to generate designs that are informed by, enriched by and valued by end-users; scenario-based design methods to envision and develop designs for new paradigms; ethnographic and auto-ethnographic design techniques to develop designs appropriate for their specific cultural context; and reflexive design practice techniques to develop innovations in design projects through the uniqueness of circumstances and opportunities in which they exist.  He values developing skills in analytical thinking and diagramming, techniques of speculation, social engagement and communication strategies.  He endeavors to foster students’ learning how to allow design development processes to emerge from the uniqueness of each project, how to develop confidence in one’s capacity to creatively design one’s way of designing, and to make projects that resonate with significance.

Mick’s own creative practice research is currently exploring relationships between performance and mobility, creative collaborative processes, socially engaged art and live art.  This practice, along with his writing, can be accessed here www.mickdouglas.net

View his supervision of postgraduate students’ research and academic profile here.

Mick’s current activities at RMIT include coordinator of postgraduate research in Industrial Design, director of the Design Action Program (DAP) and coordinator of Methods in Design Research and Practice.