Malcolm formally trained in 3 Dimensional design specialising in furniture design. His Masters culminated in a project investigating fixing systems that required no glue or metal fasteners. The idea of how something goes together and influences form remains one of his many fascinations.

Arriving in Australia Malcolm worked in the Interior design departments of Architectural practices designing joinery, signage and specifying materials etc.

Malcolm discovered Exhibition design, which requires skills, knowledge and appreciation of a number of design disciplines. Being involved in something that increases peoples knowledge & deepens their understanding of the world of design, art & history has a lot of traction.

Apart from designing exhibitions Malcolm continues to design objects. One discipline informs the other. He is interested in materials, structure and the principles of sustainability in design.

In his approach to teaching Malcolm emphasises investigation, exploration and ‘turning things on their head” to achieve outcomes that can be tested. Students should complete the projects that he has have designed & taught with skills, knowledge & with a thirst/energy to learn more.

Apart from Design Malcolm has  a range of interests that take in Architecture, Photography, Cinema, Fashion & Modern History.