Dr Joshua Batty a Melbourne based contemporary instrument builder, sound and real-time animation artist and creative software developer.

Josh completed a Bachelor Degree in performing Arts playing jazz trumpet, completed his honours exploring multimedia interactivity with Max/MSP/Jitter and openFrameworks, and received a scholarship in order to undertake his doctoral studies. Josh’s PhD research into creating synergistic relationships between sound and image has led to the creation of a real-time interactive audiovisual granular synthesis instrument.

He has played countless festivals since the early 00′s under the moniker ‘ buffer ‘ ranging from deep psy-trance to intricate breaks and D&B, to glitchy IDM. He has now moved onto developing interactive audio visual environments, including installations for the Burning Man festival, real-time procedural 3d visuals for MindBuffer, his doctoral studies and much more. This has lead to his work being toured across the globe, receiving attention from major universities and software developers in the US, as well as requests from BBC to have his work featured in the UK.

Professionally, Josh has worked on a number of industry projects whose clients include, National Gallery of Victoria, SBS, Ogilvy Australia, Myers, National Australia Bank, Deakin (University) Motion Lab, Mushroom Records and the Design Institute of Australia.