with Ian Nazareth

Jaliangan is a portmanteau of Jaali, a perforated screen and Aangan, a residential courtyard. The studio will engage with strategies for micro urban living through the design of a multi-residential community.

Using the apartment typology as a ground for speculation, the studio will investigate and develop fresh narratives for habitation within dense urban conditions. Through a finer reading of the socio-cultural aspects and demographics, Jaliangan attempts to facilitate creative communities and collaborative living

Projects will operate across scales, between the industrial, interior and architectural, and at multiple resolutions: the private, shared and social spaces that constitute urban residential architecture. Through this approach, between furniture and infrastructure, projects will unpack some key issues of social and environmental sustainability, privacy and the flexibility of space.

The studio brings into consideration two elements:

Skin: The facade as an intelligent skin and device for ventilation, insulation, security as well as a key component in the interface of the building with the street, and the collective form of the city.

Apartment: The design of a discrete residential unit with a focus on the qualitative and functional criteria of the apartment as well as the potential for clusters to form around shared communal spaces, amenities and courtyards.

While each category will be explored individually, projects will test relationships implicit between the skin and the apartment.

Jaliangan is modelled on an architectural studio, where design and research are symbiotic and informed by a multi-disciplinary approach to the design of residential architecture. You will be guided by weekly assignments, the examination of precedents, and design exercises cycling through an array of ideas and prototypes. You will be introduced to the fundamental elements of architecture, exemplars, canonical architectural projects and techniques of drawing and representation.

Jaliangan will partner with Community Housing Limited (CHL) and be joined by a distinguished panel of guests and critics including Michael Trudgeon, Soumitri Varadarajan, Ross McLeod, Natasha Maben and others, over the semester.

M H de Young Memorial Museum Herzog de Meuron (1)