Studio Leaders: Scott Mayson & Dustin Bailey

Studio Time & Location: Wednesday 5:30 pm 8:30 pm 100.06.06 & Thursday 9:30 – 12:30 pm 100.05.007

This studio explores future of design practice, one that is situated within the premise: How will we as designers utilize digital tools to design out future world.  Immersive Büro will explore latest digital developments with specific interactive design tools, where you will challenge the traditional design tools through exploring future of digital design.  To do this we will use a digital, hybrid, workflow through combination of following tools:

  • Augmented Reality – Microsoft Hololens
  • Digital Controllers – Leap Motion, Depth cameras etc.
  • CAD – Fusion 360 & Rhino 3d + some Grasshopper tools
  • Texturing tools – Mudbox, Blender etc.
  • Rendering visualisation – VRED Pro, Fusion 360, Keyshot etc.

This imersive outputs will then link directly with physical prototyping, digitally refined and tested 3d models, through low-fidelity and hi-fidelity advanced manufacturing outputs:

  • low-fi mockup integration – cardboard
  • Hi-fi integration – real world environments
  • 3d printing / manufacturing outputs

The workflow and 3d outcomes from Immersive Büro will give you the opportunity to experiment and shape your current digital design practice through series of experimental workflows.



Hololens 3d Game Controller augmented with Rhino 3d – Image credit Scott Mayson