Soumitri Varadarajan & Robert Eales

The Human+ studio is looking for students keen to develop products and prototype them for presentation to an industry partner. The studio is for students who are keen to develop and push their abilities in a few areas: product sketching, doing CAD and realising designs in 3D (CNC milling, vacuum forming, 3D printing, laser cutting and and sheet metal fabrication).

This studio offer students the opportunity to work on two industry orientated projects for six weeks each. Each project will require students to respond to Industry-briefs by jumping directly, in the first week, into visualisations and modelling. Students will work in groups focussed upon producing a winning product and pitch.


Project 1: Industry Partner Control Bionics makes NeuroSwitch G5 Liberator, a fifth generation computer-human-interface system that is designed to enable people with severe disabilities to communicate with their loved ones, carers, friends and the world at large with text, text-to-speech, instant messaging, emails and the internet; and to control their own entertainment media (music, videos and online services) as well as expanding their own creativity with word processing, music and video editing, and design programs. Designing new applications and scenarios for this technology is the one focus of this studio. Applications may include the design of high tech head sets (like the helmets the Cylon wear) and other devices that enable people with severe motor neuron disabilities to unlock themselves and be able to engage daily in activities that most people take for granted.

Project 2: The other focus is the design of an interactive exhibit that allows doctors, carers and the general public to discover amazing stuff about the frontiers of medicine and directions in health technologies and services. This will take the form of a design pitch to Museum Victoria (Science Works).

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