Gyungju Chyon is one the founders of interdisciplinary studio little wonder. Her interest in practice, research, and teaching lies in how well-being and energy concerns, in tandem with explorations of natural phenomena, new materials and manufacturing processes, can lead to new relationships between artifacts, environments and humans.

She oscillates between installation art, product design and craft, engaging a wide array of materials such as ceramic, textile, and advanced technologies. Her works are often experimental, and a commentary on contemporary life and culture. Her work has earned international recognition through international exhibitions, publications and distinctions. For example, after winning a Baden-Württemberg International Award from the Design Center Stuttgart in 2006, in 2011 the “Opening” ceramic vase was among 50 vases selected to represent the 50th Anniversary of Rosenthal Studio Line (1961-2011) alongside Rosenthal design classics by Walter Gropius, Tapio Wirkkala, Jasper Morrison, Andy Warhol and array of other esteemed architects, designers and artists.

Her global experience in teaching and practicing spans many cultures across Helsinki, Toronto, Philadelphia, Korea, and Melbourne, and has instilled a value of global outlook and critical thinking. Her teaching is based on inquiries into sensory experience, aesthetic, craftsmanship and technology, with emphasis on thinking through making. In teaching, she encourages questioning, to foster an attitude of discovery, and foster awareness of the relationship between the object and its environment. To this end, she places an emphasis on process-driven design through observations of people, culture or phenomena — probing on one hand, and material experimentation on the other.