with Simon Curlis and industry partner www.oates.com.au

The Future of Cleaning.

Melbourne is facing a future where the population will reach 8 million people by 2050, climate change and peak oil will cause many of our current systems to become redundant. For Companies such as Oates, business as usual will be adapting to changes and devising better ways of achieving cleaning for their customers and end users of the process.

This studio speculates on the design of products services and systems that are required to achieve domestic, commercial and public cleaning in a Melbourne where weather extremes become more frequent, there are more people who need employment and more spaces carrying larger quantities of people. Is it possible to maintain the “world’s most liveable City”?

This studio is partnered with Oates and will engage with their Product design team and present concepts to them through the semester. We will be looking at Product Design, speculating on new product development (NPD), and Product/Service/System (PSS) all for maintaining cleanliness in an increasingly messy Melbourne.

This studio will require site visits and a Non-Disclosure Agreement for participants, including an embargo on work produced for 2 years.