Ronnie Lacham

Studio FURNITECTURE macro/micro aims to design furniture/architecture for living within a given volume. A studio based on making, both in process and 1:1 scale outcomes.
Using the apartment typology as a ground for speculation, the studio will investigate and develop fresh narratives for habitation. Students will be given a set volume in which they will design for the life of a particular character. Within this volume, how might space be delineated both horizontally and vertically, beyond the use of traditional walls and ceilings? The aim being the creation of multi-functional design that allows for “compact spaciousness”.
How does Human scale affect decisions? And could the skin house additional functions?
The studio emphasizes a rigorous design process of iterative production. It aims to give students an understanding of the development and craftsmanship of fabrication as well as the array of materials available. Tooling/fabrication will range from analog to digital. Students will design for fabrication.

Furnitecture will partner with Community Housing Limited (CHL) and be joined with Soumitri Varadarajan