Studio Leaders: Juliette Anich & Emma Gerard

Studio Times
Monday 15:30 – 18:30 &
Wednesday 15:30 – 18:30

How can design be used to make life easier, more equal, better for all? How can we use design to take things from a place of abundance to a place of need? How can charities expand their geographic reach to help people without invading people’s privacy?

This studio will explore the tensions between helping and hindering, and technology and community. Working with app developers, Y Waste and a partnered charity, Food Bank, this studio will be embedded within a real life prototype, where students will test and evaluate an app currently on the market that attempts to address these issues.

This studio is run in conjunction with Industrial Design and Digital Design, and this multidisciplinary learning environment to produce viable improvements to the current market offering of the Y Waste App. This app is currently being tested in a small pilot program in Sydney. Insights from this pilot program will be bought into the studio, combined with excursions and guest talks, allowing you to immerse yourself into a real world design problem with scope for significant impact in Australia’s food insecure community.

You will learn service design tools, evaluation strategies, app prototyping and a variety of interactive communication tools through multi disciplinary teams. The studio outcomes will be presented back to the Directors of Y Waste and Food Bank, and be incorporated into a broader research project run in conjunction with the Food Waste CRC.

This studio is a multidisciplinary studio which will be run as a collaboration with 10 Industrial Design and 10 Digital Media Students.