Agency of individuals is a key ingredient in design to create systems change. I think that being kind and believing that all people are nice is important thing to remember in life. Critical thinking and conviviality in design leads to more innovative outcomes.

My name is Emily. I am a designer-researcher in food systems design and a fencer (swords!). I really enjoy eating good and healthy food. To me, innovation as a term has not been done justice in recent times. Knowledge is becoming watered down purely in the name of economic interests. The word innovation derives from the Latin word ‘innovare’ which means to reform and change. Nourish Lab my design ecologies class situates food systems design and innovation in the overarching theme of sustainability. With the aim to reform food systems and our economy so it is better integrated with social and ecological needs. People in everyday life and designers have a crucial role to play in quickly reforming current systems which are failing our society and environment. The transition towards sustainable economies and society requires a shift in our underlying values and worldviews. My hope and vision for the future is to see xystus canapoies filled with edible food growing all over urban areas. I am looking forward to meeting you as we all zip around RMIT.