Studio Tutor: Judith Glover & Jade Thorsen

Studio Timetable: Monday 1.30 and Monday 5.30

Studio Partners: Clayworks Australia & Northcote Pottery

Dirt Dreams is an on-going series of studios that introduces students to the technicalities, wonder and frustration of producing artefacts through slip-cast ceramics techniques. You will learn basic mould making, casting and glazing techniques to produce by the end of semester a batch of products ready for a particular market. The studio will explore how contemporary technology such as cad, CNC and 3-d printing intersects with ancient techniques still in use today. You will learn to work with the ceramics community and industry in Melbourne for contacts, supplies and firing that will make you self-sufficient.

This semester students will work with RMIT lecturer Judith Glover and ex-RMIT student Jade Thorsen. Glover has exhibited her ceramics projects at venues such as NGV International, Melbourne Design Week, and Craft Victoria. Thorsen since leaving university has worked at Northcote Pottery while developing projects with various local hospitality venues on ranges of tableware.

In brief 1 students will be introduced to basic mould making and slip casting techniques culminating in a glaze workshop at Northcote Pottery. Students will be introduced to glaze on glaze techniques.

In brief 2, students will explore the possibilities of creating a table ware from slip cast ceramic techniques for a hospitality venue and signature dish.  In addition you will be taught various surface application techniques to further develop the aesthetic and style of your pieces through not only form and colour but graphics and surface texture treatment.

The techniques students will learn in this studio will enable them to scale their ideas into various production sizes from batch to mass production or have the technical language to outsource to other providers in the future.

Students will be required to present a folio documentation of their design journey, an edited book with short design essay and finished artefacts from brief 1 and 2.

This studio involves material outlays and workshops off-site. Students are expected to outlay approximately $400 for the semester.