Studio Leader: Robert Eales

Industry Partner: The Victorian Farmers Federation

In this studio, we will be working to improve farm safety and occupation health and safety (OHS) outcomes for Victorian farmers.  Working with the VFF, your task will be to engage with safety issues and identify opportunities that you can use to drive the design and development of products and services that make Victorian farms safer.

Since 2009 farming has been the most dangerous profession in Victoria. Reducing the number of injuries and deaths in the rural and agricultural industries has become a major focus for the VFF. Currently, top farm OH&S issues are: improving the safety of quad bikes, reducing dangers in stockyards, improving machinery safety and improving child safety on farms. There are many other safety issues on farms for which the development of new designs would be welcome by stakeholders and the broader community.

Your Design project could be:

  • the development of new roll cage devices for quad bikes or tractors  that meet approved engineering standards
  • products for improving child safety and awareness of dangers for young people on farms
  • to make farm machinery safer to use and maintain.

Your design project is not limited to these issues and will depend on your own initiative and entrepreneurial spirit to uncover opportunities for new and useful designs.

A farm visit is planned, which will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in this industrial sector and experience the issues and farm environment first hand.

Within this studio, a broad range of products and service designs can be proposed and developed. you are welcome to propose Internet of Things (IOT) projects that engage data and designs for electronic prototypes using devices such as Arduino. This may include mapping, use of drones and weather applications to improve farming knowledge within particular zones or micro-climates.

Design in Industry Studio outcomes include models or prototypes along with comprehensive design documentation made up of research documentation such as sketches, technical drawings and model development documentation. At the conclusion of the studio, you will present to industry stakeholders, other staff and students at the upper pool exhibition.

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