Lecturers: Simone LeAmon and Din Heagney

Stories are ubiquitous – they surface everywhere; we hear them, read them and watch them unfold in art as we do in life. Through narrative stories transmit messages and inspire meaning; they are deployed as fiction, parables and myth. They also locate us in time and place; committed to memory, transcribed and recounted, human experience is chronicled story by story. Significantly, it is through stories and narrative that we communicate ideas about and of the world – and, in-turn they bind us to things, people and places. S.LeAmon

This Design Studio course is based on developing a resolved design project that brings together a wide range of knowledge and skills that students have learnt in other courses in the program. In Design Studio you will be applying and expanding your experience of project-based design work. Combining your analytical, creative and technical skills you will undertake a practical research program, explore design process, develop a design concept for a product and prototype a final design project.
The theme of this Design Studio ‘Design As Narrative’ will provide the inspiration for the design project. The studio will expose you to how narrative and storytelling can enhance creativity and the design process. Whether responding to a brief, developing a form, exploring material solutions or embedding greater sentiment & value in design – narrative can motivate and shape design thinking and practice. Discussing design methodologies and frameworks we will explore how design thinking and practice can give rise to counter-narratives – whether social, environmental or economic. The studio lecturers argue that designers who knowingly use narrative in their design process have the capacity to tune and elicit meaning in a direct and potent way.
Students will develop their own narratives to inform their design ideas and process, leading to the prototyping of a product design for exhibition and submission.
The Studio combines set tasks with students’ own self-directed learning activities.
This studio is conducted over fourteen weeks with three formal assessment tasks. The Studio combines formal lectures delivered by the lecturers on the Studio theme with studio-based learning, where students discuss, demonstrate and practice design activity under the guidance of the studio lecturer.