Oliver Field & Stephen Wallace

We are living amongst the greatest shift in workplace design since the industrial revolution. Production based economies are diminishing under the rise of a knowledge based global economy.

Data is the new oil; 3rd wave technologies enable workers to create, manipulate, collaborate and distribute information in unprecedented ways.

The workplace is global; businesses need to evolve in order to cope with the constant state of disruption, augmentation and reinvention. Designers need to provide solutions that enable tomorrow’s workforce to be effective and productive within this environment. In a future where digital natives make up majority of the workforce, the notion of face-to-face collaboration is a scarce. We face a future where, increasingly, the lines between personal and professional identities are blurred.

The ConnectCollaborate Studio explores the nature of work in the digital workplace. The studio focuses on applying design thinking in order to design new products that address the complexities of establishing worker connectedness in a mobile and agile world. These products need to ensure workers can share, manipulate and distribute information seamlessly.