Play as tactic

Industrial Design Tactics GRAP-1043-AUSCY-S1-TUT01/01   Tuesday 8:30am-11:30am051.07.004  Ronnie Lacham

This tutorial will critically explore
‘Play’ as an approach and method in design practice. It aims to undertake a
careful, reflective engagement with a range of design thinking and approaches –
to examine and create a dialogue between fiction and
reality, irrelevant and substance. This subject does not attempt to
define the design, but rather to

Immaterial Side of Design

Industrial Design Ecologies GRAP-2920-AUSBR-S1-TUT01/03   Thursday 2:30pm-5:30pm515.03.003Areli Avendano

This course will explore the role of design in maternal wellbeing
in the context of humanitarian scenarios through a series of readings and
videos, in-class presentations and discussions. Using a systemic design
approach (Human Centred Design + Systems thinking), you will propose a
comprehensive service or strategy for an area of your choice

Lifestyle Narratives and Consumption Patterns

Tutor: Juliana Luna

Friday 1:30 – 4:30

Many consumers in the 21st century are well informed, global and mobile. We create and construct our identities through a collection or system of objects that represent our values, beliefs and lifestyles. This system of objects is hacked, altered, modified or transformed by the body, as well as by the

Absurdity and your ID

Tutor: Rob Eales

Friday 1:30 – 4:30

As designers, we are expected to work rationally and reasonably. However, there are other ways to design and by shifting our viewpoint and considering the absurd, the ridiculous and the silly we can develop alternative ways of designing and other ideas about the practice and roles of designers.
During the course,