Aesthetics: the visual language of designed meanings

Tutor: Emma Luke

Monday 9.30am


The study of Aesthetics goes back to Classicism and beyond with notions and ideals of ‘beauty’ remaining important till Modernism. The Post-modernist era explodes notions of universal beauty and axiomatic ideals ushering in subjective and diverse views. At the same time contemporary society turns into Brand Society and understanding niche markets wants

Design Pioneers: 20th Century Furniture Design

Tutor: Malcolm Thomas

Tuesday 5.30pm


Pre-­‐postmodern design historians liked to treat the great modernist designers of the 20th century as individual design geniuses. The design media today still presents designers as individual greats when all acts of production require a collective effort. Adrian Forty in ‘Objects of Desire’ in 1986 argued that designers where a product of


Tutor: Din Heagney

Monday: 1.30pm



Beyond the biological differences between the various genders, what does being male actually mean in the 21st century? Why are objects in different cultures described as having feminine or masculine attributes? What does it mean when we describe a design as masculine – be it an object or a building? How do