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Techno-Comfort: everyday amulets, interactive technologies and crafts

Industrial Design Tactics GRAP-1043-AUSCY-S1-TUT01/03   Thursday 2:30pm-5:30pm      013.04.007  Ana Davila

This course will
focus on the research of emotional comfort relationships developed between
humans and objects. Techno-Comfort encourages students to explore the way we
perceive and interact with the amulets that accompany us through life as buffers
for difficult times. Why do we have them? What’s so special about them? What

Play as tactic

Industrial Design Tactics GRAP-1043-AUSCY-S1-TUT01/01   Tuesday 8:30am-11:30am051.07.004  Ronnie Lacham

This tutorial will critically explore
‘Play’ as an approach and method in design practice. It aims to undertake a
careful, reflective engagement with a range of design thinking and approaches –
to examine and create a dialogue between fiction and
reality, irrelevant and substance. This subject does not attempt to
define the design, but rather to

Immaterial Side of Design

Industrial Design Ecologies GRAP-2920-AUSBR-S1-TUT01/03   Thursday 2:30pm-5:30pm515.03.003Areli Avendano

This course will explore the role of design in maternal wellbeing
in the context of humanitarian scenarios through a series of readings and
videos, in-class presentations and discussions. Using a systemic design
approach (Human Centred Design + Systems thinking), you will propose a
comprehensive service or strategy for an area of your choice

Wastification: the beautification of waste

Industrial Design Ecologies GRAP-2920-AUSBR-S1-TUT01/02               Thursday 11:30am-2:30pm515.03.003Giorgia Pisano

How can things go
from trash to treasure? Can waste be beautiful? Why do we feel attracted to old
things, second-hand products or discarded objects? How can we create or
increase the emotional or economic values of waste?

This course invites
you to explore answers for these questions and engage in creative practices to

Waste Streams Stream, Designers Dream Dreams

Industrial Design Ecologies GRAP-2920-AUSBR-S1-TUT01/01   Friday  8:30am-11:30am        515.03.003  Robert Eales

What is waste useful
for? How can we transform everyday waste into new materials? How can we make
new materials at home or in the workshop?

This course is about
putting sustainability through materials at the hearth of your design practice.
We will look at, how to identify and leverage waste

Design Pioneers: 20th Century Furniture Design

Design in Society GRAP-2919-AUSBR-S1-TUT01/03   Monday 2:30pm-5:30pm        515.03.003  Malcom Thomas

This class will introduce the designers of the most
recognizable furniture pieces in the context of the 20th Century and study
design movements such as the Bauhaus, Danish Modernism, Swedish Grace and
Post-modernism amongst others—students will reflect on these designers work in
the context of the society it was produced in.

Urban Hacking: The Street Library Project

Design in SocietyGRAP-2919-AUSBR-S1-TUT01/02   Monday 11:30am-2:30pm                  515.03.005  Meg Mundell

How can we collaborate with our local communities
to improve urban hacking projects? How can use urban hacking to promote
reading, creative writing, storytelling and other creative practices around the
idea of a ‘street library’?

In recent years street libraries, also known as
little libraries or community libraries, have been popping up in

Design for Health

Design in SocietyGRAP-2919-AUSBR-S1-TUT01/01   Monday 8:30am-11:30am                  515.03.005  Victor Bejan

This class explores the emergent field of Design
for Health and provides students with conceptual and methodological tools that
will help them to conduct design research and develop products, services and
systems in this area. In the first part of the semester, students will learn
about this field by documenting case studies,