Tim Collins

with Justin Hutchinson

Philanthropy is often left to the wealthy, charity groups, companies and organisations. This doesn’t need to be the case. Designers with good ideas can be just as philanthropic, all it takes is time, energy and positivity. This studio will be looking at areas in your neighbourhood where we can provide altruistic design solutions with an Industry of One focus.

Is it possible for a designer to exist as an industry of one, designing independently as well as taking control of the marketing, sales and production of their products? Yes it is possible and this approach demands a high level of entrepreneurship and resourcefulness but the benefits range from total control over projects and their direction to the pace at which the designer can work. Various business models are appropriate for the Industry of One depending on the nature of the products, the volume of production and the manufacturing requirements.

An aspiring industry of one designer would also be well advised to engage with those around us through finding ways to use design to make a contribution. Whether it be seeking the potential of a specific location, be it an unused warehouse, deserted plot, an empty hall/space or by helping people directly with an innovation. After all without your community, it would be impossible to be a designer so it is very important to not just take. The added benefit of helping people through design is you can give purpose and meaning to a project but also use this effort to increase your business profile and attract business to you. Could every designers practice involve a certain amount of altruistic design work?



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